Gummy Bear Cake

Gummy Bear Cake
Three layers of delicious cake in a flavour of your choice, each layer filled with a different coloured buttercream. Entire cake is iced with vanilla buttercream and decorated with multi coloured Gummy Bears, brings a smile to everyone's face.
NB: Can also be decorated with Gummy Snakes, please ask when ordering. See additional product description for sizes and prices.
NZ$ 120.00


  • Three Layer 20cm (8") Gummy Bear Cake - $130.00
  • Four Layer 20cm (8") Gummy Bear Cake - $145.00
  • Four Layer 25cm (10") Gummy Bear Cake - $165.00
  • Four Layer 30cm (12") Gummy Bear Cake - $185.00
  • Happy to quote for other sized tiers and layers.

Cake Flavours - Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Lemon, Banana, Coffee & Red Velvet
Alternative Cake Options - Eggless, Carrot Cake & Light Fruit (Extra $10.00)

Please contact us to place your order or for quotes and enquiries.

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