Terms & Conditions During Corona Virus Pandemic

Terms & Conditions During Corona Virus Pandemic

T&C’s During Corona Virus Pandemic

With the Corona Virus Pandemic comes more health and safety issues so I’ve decided to give you a reassurance that I’ll remain open and fulfil all orders placed and paid for unless further restrictions happen which require me to close. Please find below changes I’ve put in place during the Corona Virus Pandemic:

  • Hygiene - In line with recent Health & Safety Guidelines I’ve already had in place stricter hygiene practices to safeguard you, myself and the products I bake from infection.
  • Placing Orders & Consultations – All orders and consultations must be made though the Contact Us page on our website , by email or by phoning 04 567-6168.  
  • Deliveries – all delivery options will go ahead as usual unless tighter restrictions are put in place and during the Corona Virus Pandemic I’ll be offering FREE DELIVERY to the elderly and those with underlying health issues.
  • Cancellation Policy – If you’ve placed and paid for your order and find your special occasion or event has to be cancelled or postponed due to tighter restrictions during Corona Virus Pandemic then I’m happy to offer you a credit for 1 year. This 1 year credit also applies if I need to close Cake & Bake Kiwi due to tighter restrictions during the Corona Virus Pandemic.
  • Suggestions – During the Corona Virus Pandemic there are a lot of elderly and others with underlining health issues who will remain self-quarantined for quite some time….PLEASE BE KIND and check in on anyone you know in this situation regularly to see if they need anything.  If you follow the guidelines in place at the moment of social distancing, washing your hands regularly and where possible wear a facemask, regularly wiping down regularly used places in your home with an antibacterial then it’s safe to visit anyone self-quarantined.  This is a time where we need to remain calm, keep up to date with guidelines and help each other where we can so hopefully we get through this with the least amount of casualties/deaths.

Take Care & Stay Safe All You Lovely Humans

Tracy xx

Posted: Tue 17 Mar 2020